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It’s no secret that online marketing has been a game-changer in the world of advertising and marketing. If you are ignoring this media, you are losing thousands of potential customers. Arrow knows how to find your ideal customers online and get their attention. Everything from landing pages to email marketing, we are experts at every aspect of the web.

Your own customer list can be your biggest asset. It is a powerful, cost effective way to reach proven buyers that already know and trust your company. It is important to give your list quality content and great offers that make them want to buy more. It is just as important to keep that list as up to date as possible.

Combining your direct mail campaign with an online presence is very effective in reaching customers, and getting them to do business with you.

Arrow Marketing Company provides an array of online marketing tools to optimize your web presence.

Our services include:

  • Email creation from simple text to HTML.
  • A responsive design to make response from customers effortless.
  • Acquiring and creating email lists of the perfect prospects for your business.

Your online message needs to be engaging and effective in driving your customer’s desire to buy. We know how to make that happen and get the results to boost your business.


144.8 Billion emails sent each day (worldwide). 89 Billion businesses. 55.8 Billion personal.
3.3 Billion registered email accounts. 25% businesses. 75% personal.
90 Million Americans access email via a mobile device. 82% of smartphone users send and receive email on their phones.
65% of emails sent are spam. Most are caught by filters and never opened.
11.2 hours is the average time people spend opening and reading emails per week. 28% of the work week.
27% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. 20.6% from smartphone. 6.8% from tablets
(Sources: Radicati Group, Inc. Email Statistics Report. 2012-2016; July 2012; April 2012; January 2012; October 2012)

It’s all about results!

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